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Goals of the Association


The primary goal of the association is to increase the interest of students in physics, especially by teamoriented preparation for and participation in scientific tournaments, held in English language, with international participations.
To reach this goal the association organises and executes the annual Austrian Young Physicists' Tournament (AYPT). Among other things this tournament serves the purpose to select those students, who will represent Austria at the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT). In addition the association organizes preparatory seminars for the national team to ensure optimal preparation for the international tournament.

Furthermore the association maintains relations with the International Organising Committee (IOC) of the IYPT and manages organisational details concerning Austria's participation in the international tournament (IYPT).
In addition as a recognized national organisation the association represents Austria's interests in the IOC.

Another declared goal of the association is to spread the idea of the IYPT and AYPT respectively internationally and to promote international cooperation. Therefore guest teams from different countries are invited to join the annual AYPT.

Moreover one (future) goal is to create and supervise a platform for better cooperation between different Austrian teams before and after the AYPT. The team-oriented cooperation is one of the most important aspects of AYPT.


2016-01-03 — AYPT 2016

General information on, the invitation to and the preliminary schedule of the 18 th Austrian Young Physicists' Tournament 2016 are available now as well as some changes in the regulations !!


2015-10-05 — General Assembly 2015

The General Assembly 2015 will take place on November 28, 2015.


2015-07-09 — Problems for 2016

The Problems for 2016 can be found here .


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