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Opinions and Experiences

Here you will find the opinions and reports on the experiences of some persons who have already been involved with the AYPT (and IYPT).
The texts have been written by the respective persons themselves.

Camilla Ladinig

Camilla Ladinig Camilla Ladinig

I took part in the AYPT three times – I started out as a member of our school team, and I ended up as being a timekeeper. AYPT was more to me than the mere physics contest. During the preparation phase and later during the contests, I formed friendships with people I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know this closely without the AYPT. The joint elaboration of the problems links the team members together, people learn not to accept throwbacks, but instead continue to work with motivation. Although during the competition every single participant naturally gives his or her very best for the team to be as far ahead as possible, you still feel like being in a big family of people with the same interests. Due to the framing program, it’s possible to meet people from other schools and other countries, and I didn’t just learn a lot about physics, I also broadened my horizon. Although I couldn’t participate in this year’s competition because of my graduation, I am still in contact with young people from Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. The IYPT, which I was allowed to attend twice because I got called into the Austrian team, also affects my contemporary life. Without it, I would never have made plans to go to Poland for a year! In preparation for the international competitions we were supported by the professors of the University of Vienna, and we gained positive impressions concerning the cohesion of students and teachers also.

Thus, I don’t see the AYPT and also the IYPT just as a chance to prove oneself in a team, but first and foremost as a chance for development of character, and I can only recommend to everyone to give this sensation of unity a try!

Ulrike Regner

Ulrike Regner Ulrike Regner

Among the many competitions and events that I participated in during high school, the AYPT and the IYPT have become something very special for me. And even now, long after graduating from high school, this competition plays an important role in my life. Everything started when I first participated in both the national and international competition in 2006. Working on the problems with my team was already a very creative and productive process which took almost the entire school year. In the last stage of preparation and even during the national competition it came out that we grew to unknown productivity and efficiency as pressure was increasing. I was lucky to be part of an inexperienced, yet highly motivated and very capable team. Those two competition days in Leoben are definitely among the most influencing experiences of my entire school time. I learned a lot, of course also in terms of physics, but even more in teamwork skills, work management and time management, presentation skills and the use of the English language. Motivated by these experiences, I started off preparing the participation in the international competition. Unfortunately we had to face some problems concerning the organisation so that in the end, we couldn’t form such a qualified and committed team for the international competition. We still tried to make the best of it, and in fact the preparation time at the university of Vienna, where professors worked on our solutions with us, lead us to a great progress for both the competition and for ourselves. It’s this direct contact to academic teaching that for high school students facing upcoming career decisions can’t be valued high enough. Staying in contact with both my younger team colleagues, who were able to participate again in the following year, and the staff members led to a long-lasting connection, continuing for years after beginning my university studies. Helping with the organization of the tournament, being a member of the AYPT association, preparing the teams, working as timekeeper in the national competitions, accompanying the team to the international competitions or realizing ideas on one’s own initiative – there have always been enough tasks to get done. The organisation of the IYPT 2010 in Vienna was another milestone in my personal YPT history. As a member of the LOC, I worked in various ways, over several months, to guarantee that the IYPT could successfully take place in Austria in July 2010. Through that, I gained new and very valuable experiences that students usually don’t get to experience in everyday life at university. I would also like to mention something personal, which is very important to me: Some of the relationships that started in the context of the AYPT, though loose and work-based in the beginning, grew to be some of my best and closest friendships. They are something I would never have gained without the AYPT. I have never tried to think ahead too much concerning my role in the AYPT, but there was never a lack of opportunities. I’m sure this won’t change any time soon – and I’m looking forward to taking these opportunities!

Georg Hofferek

Georg Hofferek Georg Hofferek

Summing up all my experiences with the AYPT and IYPT in just a few sentences is a difficult challenge, because never before have I encountered a competition with so many facets. Already during the preparations phase I learned that team-work is much more than just a word and that one needs quite some skill to organize and execute good cooperation. Despite some uncertainties in the beginning my colleagues and I had a lot of fun dealing with the challenge. We especially liked the fact that we had been granted quite a lot of freedom and autonomy from our teacher. And even if I spent a lot of my leisure time in the science lab, I would not want to miss a single second.

It was also a great honour for me to be part of the Austrian National Team, representing our country at the international tournament, the IYPT. Especially the years 2000 and 2001, in which I led the National Team as Team-Captain to quite good final results (in 2001 we missed the Finals by only 0.6 points), make me proud in retrospect.

Furthermore there were countless occasions on which I thought of the many things which I had learned through the AYPT and IYPT. Physics knowledge, scientific procedures, English skills (especially technical terms), rhetorics, to name just a few. In many situations I was very happy that I had already made these experiences and had already gathered these skills.

Moreover I got to know a lot of really nice people from Austria and from all over the rest of the world. So for me it was only naturally to keep loyal to the tournament also after my High School graduation. And so since that time I have been involved in the organization and execution of the AYPT.

The structure of the AYPT and IYPT has fascinated me from the beginning. Even today, when I watch a fight as part of the audience, I am itching to stand up and act as the Opponent one more time.

In conclusion I can say that the AYPT and IYPT are among the most formative experiences of my life and I advise everyone who is interested in physics, science and research not to miss this great experience.

High School Thesis "The Experience IYPT"

Georg Hofferek, former AYPT and IYPT participant has written a High School Thesis on the IYPT as a part of his High School graduation. This thesis explains the IYPT from a participant's point of view, contains some Reports to IYPT problems of the years 1999 and 2000 and gives tips and advice for newcomers.


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