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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What does "AYPT" stand for?
"AYPT" stands for "Austrian Young Physicists' Tournament". It is a team-oriented competition for secondary school students. The designation AYPT has been chosen close to the designation of the related international competition: The "International Young Physicists' Tournament" (IYPT).

How do I pronounce "AYPT"?
"AYPT" is pronounced letter by letter: A - Y - P - T. IPA: [eɪ waɪ pi: ti:]

How can I participate in the AYPT?
Details can be found in the section about the tournament itself.

Who can participate in the AYPT?
All students from Austrian secondary schools can participate. Foreign guest teams can only participate if they have been invited by the Organizing Committee. (If you represent a foreign team and want to receive such an invitation please write an email to info@aypt.at early.)

Is it possible for single students to participate in the AYPT
No, that is not possibe. The AYPT is a team-oriented competition. Teams must consist of three to five students.

Do all the students in one team have to be from the same class?
No, that is not necessary. Also students from different classes and ages can form one team. Even teams with students from different schools are possible.

Who formulates the problems for the AYPT?
The Problems for the AYPT are the same as those for the international competition (IYPT). These problems are formulated by the International Organizing Committee (IOC).

What kind of resources may be used by the students during the AYPT?
Generally speaking, all kinds of resources are allowed. It is customary for the teams to use things like pocket calculators, dictionaries, laptops, literature, notes, etc. Everything is allowed. The only thing which is explicitly forbidden is the communication between teamleaders and the students during the fights.

Which means of presentation will present at the AYPT?
We try to make a data-projector ("beamer"), overhead projector, VHS video recorder and a blackboard or flip-chart available in each fight room. We will try to fulfill special requests if we are told early enough.

Why are there always exactly 17 problems?
An experienced IOC member once explained it to us in the following way: "Well,... You see, 16 would be too few, but 18 would be too many."

Is it necessary to solve all 17 problems to participate in the AYPT?
No, that is not necessary. Although obviously chances of a good result are better if you have solved more problems, good results are also possible with few problems.

What can I do if I have a question which is not listed here?
You can simply write an email to the AYPT.at team: info@aypt.at
We will happily answer all your questions. Further contact information can also be found in the section contact.


2016-01-03 — AYPT 2016

General information on, the invitation to and the preliminary schedule of the 18 th Austrian Young Physicists' Tournament 2016 are available now as well as some changes in the regulations !!


2015-10-05 — General Assembly 2015

The General Assembly 2015 will take place on November 28, 2015.


2015-07-09 — Problems for 2016

The Problems for 2016 can be found here .


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