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Results of the 10th AYPT 2008

Winner of the AYPT, 1st Prize

The First Prize is awarded to the team of
Pluskurs Physik Salzburg

2nd Prize

The Second Prize is awarded to the following teams:
Team Uni Wien,
Russia, St. Petersburg

3rd Prize

The Third Prize is awarded to:
Ukraine, Kiev


Kepler Gymnasium Graz

Bischöfliches Gymnasium Graz

Honourable mention

The following teams receive honourable mention due to their excellent performance (ordered according to rank obtained):

Team of Iranian Elite Academy and Iranian Ministry of Education

Ursulinen Innsbruck

Turkey, Istanbul

Seebacher Gynasium Graz

Detailed Results

The following detailed information on the results is also available:


2016-01-03 — AYPT 2016

General information on, the invitation to and the preliminary schedule of the 18 th Austrian Young Physicists' Tournament 2016 are available now as well as some changes in the regulations !!


2015-10-05 — General Assembly 2015

The General Assembly 2015 will take place on November 28, 2015.


2015-07-09 — Problems for 2016

The Problems for 2016 can be found here .


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