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National Team 2009

The Austrian National Team for the IYPT 2009

by Timotheus Hell (translated by Georg Hofferek)

The Team for China The Austrian Delegation for the IYPT 2009

This year the team consists of (from left to right in the photo above) Michael Scherbela, Markus Kunesch, Bernhard Zatloukal, Angel Usunov, and Johannes Tiefnig. These five young physicists from Graz and Vienna have excelled with their increcible performance at the AYPT and will thus represent Austria at this year's IYPT in China. Michalea Walcher, Philipp Heise, and Peter Sperrer have been nominated as backup, should one of the team members not be able to participate. As always, everyone was invited to participate in the three preparatory seminars, together with the coaches.
The former IYPT participants Timotheus Hell, Georg Hofferek, Thomas Lindner, and Katharina Wittmann will accompany the team to China, to do coaching and to assist the local organizing committee with their expertise, by taking responsibility for the Fight Administration. Thomas will be one of the official teamleaders.

Markus Kunesch, Angel Usunov, and Bernhard Zatloukal have already participated in the IYPT 2008. For Angel it is actually already the third IYPT - and unfortunately also the last one, since in parallel to the preparations for this IYPT he has graduated from high school.
Markus Kunesch will be the Captain of the team. As such he will represent the team during the Fights, and will introduce his colleagues at the beginning of each round.

The Austrian delegation will furthermore encompass Dr. Brigitte Pagana-Hammer (Member of the Executive Committee of the IYPT), Prof. Dr. Martin Hopf from the Austrian Competence Center for Didactics in Physics (as international Juror), and Prof. Dr. Armin Fuith (Teamleader). In particular we are also looking forward to meeting Romano Rupp, now Professor at the Nankai University in Tianjin. Prof. Rupp was significantly responsible for the first successes of Austria in the IYPT, more than 10 years ago.

The Team 2009

Without a thorough preparation at home, the journey to the IYPT in China would of course be in vain. Thus, we would like to give sincere thanks and acknowledgements to Dr. Heinz Kabelka and Dr. Heribert Tilgner, who were always at our sides during the preparatory seminars, and who worked with the Viennese team already before the AYPT. Furthermore we would like to thank Prof. Dieter Winkler from the "Bischöfliches Gymnasium Graz", who was dedicated to work with the three Graz team members at their school.

The following photos can be downloaded as a ZIP archive (with single pictures in high quality) and can be used freely for reports and news coverage, if a reference to aypt.at is provided.

Download of the following pictures (from left to right: Bernhard Zatloukal, Michael Scherbela, Angel Usunov, Markus Kunesch, and Johannes Tiefnig) in high quality.

The Team 2009 - Portraits

Download of the following pictures (from left to right: Thomas Lindner, Timotheus Hell, Katharina Wittmann, and Georg Hofferek) in high quality.


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